Thursday, December 31, 2009

Wretched Dollies Group Gifts

Hmmmm.... Gifts are such a hard topic to discuss anymore. You really want to do something to reward your current group members. You know, the fans who have been with you for most of the year. So I have decided that I will be setting the group to $L100 join fee for the duration that group gifts are out. It's not about the money by any means, it's more about rewarding those who have been loyal customers and group members. I'm not saying that no one else can have it, you can still pay the L$100 and join to get it. And if you know Wretched Dollies, you know that the gifts are worth the L$100 or more.

With that said, the latest giftie to be available for group members is a little Black Jacket. The jacket is unisex and comes in 2 sizes, small and large. You can wear it with or without the prim bottom as it looks good either way. All pieces are mod/copy.

Wretched Hollow Shops

Since I remodeled the town in Wretched Hollow, there have been many a request for the small shops that I made. I finally got them out to the store. Each one is set for sale at L$250.00 and is mod/copy. No, there is not a fatpack since they are all reasonably priced. Doing it this way allows you to buy only what you want :)

This is just one of the shops that you can get. There are 6 in all! You can find them in the basement of the shop in Wretched Hollow.

Pants, Pants and OH, My! More pants!

Yes, I know.... I can go a little overboard with all of the color options a times. I just couldn't help myself, really... it was just too much fun :)

The photo above is just one of many color variations of these cool pants that can be yours for L$50.00

Merry Gothmas: Not just for Christmas

Merry Gothmas has been put in the shop for sale. So, if you missed this group gift item, you can still grab it from the shop for L$350. Inspired by Scout Eberhard's request for something "gothy" for Christmas. Since time was of the essence, I was forced to make a smaller set (hence the smaller price), but it's still a really nice outfit. The Jacket layer and skirt have real lace accents. This set also comes with mistletoe that you can wear in your hair, behind your ear, attach to your hand or put out for kisses. Who says that you can only use it during Christmas??
The outfit is versatile enough that you really can wear it all year.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Cherry In The Snow

A perfect way to put some color into your life this Winter. Feeling like an ice ballerina? Or maybe you are channeling Missus Clause? Whatever your reason, this outfit has several pieces to mix and match which makes it a lot of fun.

Comes with Jacket Top, Skirt, Fluffy Capelet, 2 Hood Options (Up & Down), Cuffs and 2 Panty Options. Bloomers and an Undershirt is provided for the more demure girls and ladies.

Available in stores now!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Wretched Dollies Winter Angel

Winter has fallen at Wretched Dollies bringing with it a wonderful cascade of whites and blue hues. This Winter Angel outfit comes complete with corset top, 2 Skirt options, petal ruffle tops for each skirt, feather boa, gloves, undies and stockings. The ball style gown will appeal to the Victorian dollies while the dollie skirt may be more appealing to the lolita dolls. There is an optional prim skirt for the ball gown if you don't care for the sculpted petal layer. Of course, you can opt out of either option and just wear the skirt. You also recieve a pair of flapping, transparent angel wings that have a slight glow to them. Items are mod/copy. The prim pieces are mod with resize scripts. All resize scripts have the delete option to remove laggy scripts.

To compliment the outfit, I've made a couple icy skins to go with.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fleur De Lis Necklaces

Detailed necklaces with a Fleur De Lis and beautiful gemstones. Available in 7 variations including, amethyst, ametrine, garnet, pink spinel, black diamond, aquamarine and diamond. The amethyst is also in the lucky chair

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Wretched Dollies Spinnennetz

"Come into my parlor," said the spider to the fly...

Spinnennetz is Deutsch for spider web. A collar of spiders and a dress of webs. Includes: Corset, Undershirt, Skirt, 2 Panty options, Garter Belt and Stockings. Mix and match for a variety of looks! Skirt contains resize script to make it easier for adjustment.

Wretched Dollies Nightfall

Introducing Wretched Dollies Nightfall Gown. There are a ton of options here. The dress comes with a corset top and 2 skirt options- gown and dollie.

The gown option is for a big formal ball gown type skirt. The skirt is slightly off center - I made it that way! I wanted it to look like it was parted to the side. The second skirt is parted in the middle and more bell (gothic lolita) shaped for a dollie style.

The corset top has a pretty lace undershirt that doubles as a lingerie top. Wear it with the bikini bottoms and garter belt for a sexy evening look. There are matching panties for the corset as well, which also look good with the garter belt (which you won't see much of other than the suspender part). Also comes with a fancy feather boa and a mask to dress things up a bit.

The whole ensemble is very versatile. I hope you enjoy it! 

This also has the resize scripts in it so read the note on the resizer!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

More Halloween Goodies

I couldn't resist. Making more and more tree things *grins* I painted a face on the pumpkin that I used for the Pumpkin Grass (see below) and made some Jack o' Lantern lights.

Here is a close up of the pumpkin!

It's amazing how much the image has been compressed by blogspot, so it really doesn't do it much justice. You can see the real deal outside my shop in Wretched Hollow along with some other goodies that are just being released: The Hanging Pumpkin Lights and Jack o' Trees!

The trees come with and without a pose. The tree without pose is mod/copy.

Halloween Pumpkin Hunt

Details Coming Soon! Involving some of the Wretched Hollow merchants as well.

I am so proud of myself, too! I painted those pumpkins in PS with my Wacom. The grass base was made from some random PS brushes that I found online. Felt so good to be doing something other than clothing for a change!

Halloween Town Goodies!!!

Star has been a busy, busy bee creating Halloween goodies. I've been compared to Tim Burton quite a bit as of late. I guess it's my inability to create really scary stuff. Everything just seems to come out creepy and cute, which has often been the way that people describe me. I guess I just like to see beautiful creations?

Anyway, here is what I've gotten done so far...

The air is cool, the season fall,
Soon Halloween will come to all.
Ghosts and goblins, spooks galore...
Tricky witches at your door.
The spooks are after things to do....

Flying bats make you fly, too!
When you are tired, you can gaze at the moon
Twinkling stars shining bright
Are there even when you are not in flight
Relax on a tree root or in the pumpkin patch
I promise you won't get a scratch.

"I'm sure you must be weary, dear, with soaring up so high;
Will you rest upon my little bed?" said the Spider to the Fly.
"There are pretty curtains drawn around; the sheets are fine and thin,
And if you like to rest awhile, I'll snugly tuck you in!"
Oh no, no," said the little Fly, "for I've often heard it said,
They never, never wake again, who sleep upon your bed!"

From "The Spider And The Fly" by Mary Howitt

Purloined Topaz Outfit

Another addition to the Purloined Collection just in time for Halloween. Also has a matching hat and jacket. Co-ordinates with the Charcoal edition of this set.

For sale at my main store location SLURL:

Wretched Dollies in Nu Vibes

I was contacted by NuVibez a while back about being featured in their October issue. Starting on Page 42. Here is the link .

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Something new today.... If you didn't know by now, I am in love with Victorian and Neo-Victorian clothing. I cannot resist making some longer skirts and really look forward to making more! I want to do a wedding dress!

This outfit took weeks to come together. With me changing colors and tweaking textures even up to the last minute while I was doing promo shots. I remind myself that I mustn't be lazy about perfecting things. I even tried harder this time to make the underpants a bit more appealing.

The outfits are called Purloined and come with many pieces for you to mix and match for several different looks. I am in love with them :)

So, as you can tell, the outfit will work for dollie-kind and GothicVictorian Ladies. There are also shoes and a hat available which I did not show a close up on here. Perhaps more on them tomorrow!?

Monday, September 7, 2009

A Jerk In Every Crowd

Normally I don't bother to engage much in drama, but I am just tired of turning the other cheek all the time. As a shop owner, I usually don't make waves because I feel it's good PR to do so, so if something is wrong, I rant to a few select people until I feel better and that is that.

Today I am just riled up enough to let other people know. Partly because the person in question took the time to show up at another shop where I just happened to be and said more ugly things.

So, this is what happened and bear with me because I am going into detail.

I was working on the fishing area of my sim when I noticed a HUGE drop in the performance of things. The water slowed waaaay down and it was like a WOAH moment. Being the lag miser that I am, I went to my region/estate tools and pulled up the top scripts window. I wanted to know what was going awry.
On the top of the list with the numbers 11.131 was elaniem502 Gothly. I located where she was and flew over to one of the shops being rented on the sim. This shop and my own are both participants in the Steam Hunt.

I send the gal an IM asking what she was wearing that was so scripted. Most often people aren't even aware they are causing a performance issue. Knowing how laggy hunts tend to be, my main objective was to find out if she knew and perhaps help her troubleshoot if she didn't. Here is the chat transcript.

-- Instant message logging enabled --
[10:05] Star Fairymeadow: wow. was just wondering what you were wearing that was so scripted
[10:06] Star Fairymeadow: you showed up at 11.131 in the region estate script tools
[10:06] elaniem502 Gothly: um
[10:06] elaniem502 Gothly: quit meddling on me please
[10:07] elaniem502 Gothly: thanks
[10:07] Star Fairymeadow: bye (note: it was here that I ejected and banned her from the sim)
[10:07] elaniem502 Gothly: wtf you damn bitch im hunting
[10:07] elaniem502 Gothly: dont hate on me hoe
[10:07] elaniem502 Gothly: lol
[10:07] elaniem502 Gothly: bye hoe
[10:07] Star Fairymeadow: this is my sim and if i am curious about why you are lagging it, then i have every right to eject your stupid ass
[10:07] Star Fairymeadow: thanks for making my day
[10:08] elaniem502 Gothly: looking like a man hoe

She then proceeded to go into the steampunk hunters group to rant and rave about how she was ejected/banned. At that point one of the organizers of the hunt asked about it in the merchant group. She was apparently pretty foul.

I said nothing further to this person and went about my business. On 09/07/09 I was on my Winterfell Absinthe shop. After flipping back from an internet page, I see her standing in my shop. She came in and stood around. I don't know if she was waiting for me to notice her or what. You can see she was there for a few moments before I realized.

[6:23] Entry: Star Fairymeadow - Welcome to my Place
[6:25] MystiTool HUD 1.3.1: Entering chat range: elaniem502 Gothly (11m)
[6:27] MystiTool HUD 1.3.1: Entering chat range: elaniem502 Gothly (18m)
[6:28] MystiTool HUD 1.3.1: Entering chat range: elaniem502 Gothly (19m)
[6:29] MystiTool HUD 1.3.1: Entering chat range: elaniem502 Gothly (19m)
[6:29] MystiTool HUD 1.3.1: Entering chat range: elaniem502 Gothly (19m)
[6:30] Star Fairymeadow: you've got to be kidding me
[6:30] elaniem502 Gothly: hmmmmmmmm where could this ugly bitch hide that gear oh i know up her ass :)
[6:31] Star Fairymeadow: what is your problem?

This person is a Midnight Mania/Lucky Chair group owner. I hope she doesn't start any crap there. She should be practicing what she preaches in her profile, lol. From her profile "Have fun-respect each other-Happy Spamming!"

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Swansong, Rezzables last event

So, some time back I was invited to participate in the last event at Black Swan, Swansong. It is an honor to be a part of the festivities and my first fashion event in SL. Needless to say, I was really excited and nervous.

The outfits were to be based on the Elements of earth, Air, Fire or Water. At first I started making this huge gown and then I realized that I wasn't sticking true to my "dollie style" and soon moved on in another direction.

The outfits are on sale at Black Swan and will be released into my store following the end of their event.

I chose earth as my design. It suits me. Afterall, I am an Earth sign for my horrible-scope.

I chose earth as my design. It suits me. Afterall, I am an Earth sign for my horrible-scope.

Lord and Lady Hollow

To celebrate the opening of my new sim, Wretched Hollow, I've created a couple outfits.
Lord and Lady Hollow! Inspired by Wretched Hollow and a somewhat Victorian/Elegant Gothic Lolita style, the Lord and Lady Hollow outfits feature real and handpainted details. Both outfits come with a ton of options for you to play with. And hats! You can also pick up 2 skins to match the outfits.

Lord Hollow has long and short jacket options and also looks good sans jacket! Lady Hollow has skirt or pant/jacket options as well.

Monday, June 8, 2009

New Home

The new sim is coming along. Taking longer than I expected. *sighs* There are so many ideas and how to make them all fit. It's amazing how projects have a life of their own at times. From the first terraform idea to present, things have changed so much. There are parts that I am extremely happy with!

Meanwhile, the urge to create new clothing is killing me. I am inspired everyday, but I keep telling myself to wait! Ugh... So many ideas come and then go. I truly do need 3 of me to keep up!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

She's like a little piece of candy

I just released Dark Delia, my newest creation. Everything that you need, minus shape, is available to make yourself over as Dark Delia.

The outfit includes shirt, collar, cuffs, skirt, panties and socks. The dark pink Delia hair is included with the dress. Skin, shoes and dollie key are sold separate.