Sunday, September 11, 2011


Star was a busy bee this week and updated all 11 of her harlequin dresses! They are soooooo delightfully Gothic Lolita. I absolutely love them- they have frilly collars, gorgeous lacy cuffs, a big poofy skirt and a cute little top hat! Stop by and grab one or a couple - they are on sale for only L$100!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


OMG the Lylionia dress or dresses (plural more than one)are so cute and totally makes me want it to be time for Halloween too!

Lillyonia 2011!

As time permits, I like to go back and revamp the older designs that I did in 2006-2007. Since then, it's pretty apparent that my skills have improved. This time around I played with the Lyllionia dress.

You can see the updated textures and new styled skirt. The old style poofy skirt is still in the box, too!
So for you frilly skirt lovers, it's still there.