Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sweet Note From A Customer


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! This weekend I bought the  Star's Finley set (not to mention other sets) to put on my house/ antique shop and omg it is just what I was wanting! Down to the old windows!! *does a happy dance in her yard* LOL, actually most of this place is textured with TTT's textures. It will be about another month to get open but, please feel free to stop by and check it out after all a part of all of you is in it as well.

Keep up the good work!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Silent Lion Troupe

My item for 08/12/10! Cerulean Floral Dress. Only 75L and Only for 1 day!

Mayfaire Mansion Re-release!

Mayfaire Mansion has been updated and looks more like something you would buy circa 2010 versus 2 years ago (i think) when it came out. Better doors, sculpted columns and a new roof!

Eleanor Hat in Ash

Had to add another hat in Black to go with the Crimson and Ash Dresses. The hat comes with hair made to work exclusively with it. The Eleanor hair comes in the basic colors, Black, Red, Blonde and Brown.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Neo Victorian Goodies!

Good day, Guys and Dolls!

I have a large release set to be in stores July 25th. These items were all inspired and named for Miss Eleanor Anderton. She is a fabulous lady and wonderful friend!

The outfits are Neo-Victorian with some whimsical touches. You know me... it has to be whimsical in some way. I think they are definitely versatile enough that even the Gothic & Lolita Girls will like them as they could fit into the EGA category.

First I'd like to introduce you to the Eleanor Dress. This outfit has several pieces for you to play with to create your own look by mixing up the tops and the corset prims. There is also a separate under layer for those demure ladies who don't like showing a lot of skin. The collar has 2 styles as well. One has a cameo brooch at the front and the other is just a simple bow. As a small bonus, I have even included matching earrings to go with the cameo collar!

The outfits have matching skins created just for this release. All the promo images show the skin as well.

As if the above is not enough, I offer you tons of round toe pumps in coordinating textures. Cute enough to be worn with all your dollie clothes, yet elegant enough to be worn with other things. Not all styles are shown.

And now for the hats! I attempted to do something different this time. I built hair to go with one of the hats. The style of it is meant to be worn in such a way that I thought it would be nice to offer hair that would need no alteration. The image shown below only shows one color option. There is a brown, red and blonde hair.

I love tophats! For the Neo-Victorian and Gothic Ladies, this one is dreamy. It comes with a pretty cameo accent, too!

The items are all mod/trans except the hair which is mod/copy. The hats are sold separate as I hate to see someone have to buy an outfit just to get a hat. Everything in the promos comes from Wretched Dollies with exception of one hairstyle which belongs to Truth.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Dollhouse Textures For Builders

Although me thinks you could use these for several things besides a dollhouse. The pack is pretty versatile with all the alpha/non-alpha options, shaded/unshaded options and with/without plants. More samples can be viewed at Wretched Dollies Texture Shop or at Twisted Thorn Textures

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sweet Treats For The Sweet

I was asked, and honored to be, to take part in the Koreshan Bake Sale. Had a really hard time translating what was in my head to Photoshop and the first few tries failed miserably. Time became an issue as I had many things going in RL, so I ended up using the template that I made for the Beer Maiden Dress. Everything turned out so well! The items will be released to the main store when the bake sale is over, so keep your eyes peeled for for them or visit Koreshan for a copy now!

And while you are there, pick up your freebie socks which will be going away once the sale is over.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Maxi Wear! Mix and match separates!

I decided to take a different approach with this new outfit and offer pieces that can be mixed/matched for several outfits and looks.  I will be adding more pieces as time permits. micro mini skirts and bra tops and who knows what! Look for the Maxi outfit pieces at Wretched Dollies Main Store.

This is the Maxi outfit in Lime. There are several colors to choose from: purple, red, green, lime, pink, blue, gold, orange and a special lavender edition in the Midnight Mania board.

Viktor Kronos and I in our Gaia's Sonata Black & Blue!

Gaia's Black & Blue was a request by several male customers. I liked the jacket style from the Gothy Valentine outfit so I used it here also. The combo looks fab :) The outfit comes with several options, too. You can wear the jacket without shirt, shirt without jacket, with/without collars, etc. You can also opt not to wear the jacket prim and it still looks good :) Check it out!

Beer Maiden

Love this St. Patty's Day inspired dress! So cute you can wear it all through the year! It's booby-licious, too!

Little Black jacket

Just the jacket :) Everyone needs a "Little Black Jacket".

Rouged: Valentine Inspiration

Gothic Valentine Continued

Gothic Valentine's

I created a few items this year that were inspired by Valentine's Day. I wanted to do something less traditional while still using the color red...something that would appeal to the darker part of my soul. And, of course, the guy's outfit has to be unisex because you girl dollies always want it :P 

So here you have it... bits of lace, brocade and pretty, sheer fabrics.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

At long Last... Victorian Cottages

The Victorian cottage update is done! The Victorian Cottage was the first build I deemed good enough to sell. *chuckles* After 2 years officially being open as Wretched Dollies, I felt it was time to update as my skills sure have grown since then! Most of the changes are in size and prim amounts used. There is a slight difference in appearance. I went back to the original floorplan of the 1880's cottage I used as a reference and made the build more true. So, in place of the half hex on the second floor, you see that it has a square upper floorplan that overlaps, which is not there in the original build. The front porch also looks much better. I made my own sculpties to cut back on several of the prims needed for the stairs. The stairs are modeled after the stairs in my RL home built in the early 1900's.

 This is the cottage then!

This is the cottage now. Unfortunately due to size differences, I was not able to add the small windows closer to the porch area.

As a bonus, because many people asked, I did another version of the cottage which has a darker, spookier feel to it. All of the textures, minus the rock walls, were done by me in photoshop using various resources. These textures are for sale as well.

You will find both cottages set at Wretched Hollow. There is a demo area set up in the sky. Just look for the teleport when you port into the sim and it will take you straight to it. The textures are set up there as well.