Friday, August 31, 2012

Double release

I am beyond happy to announce the petiteification (yes I made that word up- but it fits don't you think?)of the beautiful, elegant, sophisticated Filigree Gowns. Each of these gorgeous gowns come with 2 shirt layers: one with a shrug and one without, the beautiful gown skirt and a cute vintage hat. These scrumptious dresses are available in black and red.

Emma is a beautiful dolly dress with a three tiered skirt with a waist bow, poofy sleeves and button up collar. Its cute and playful and absolutely adorable.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Have been busy remodeling the sim, but I took some time out to make some goodies for you all. Both of these outfits are available as petite and regular size.

The Charlotte Dress is all Gothy goodness. Made from pin-striped material with a cute eyelet underskirt, the outfit includes: top, ruffles, sleeves, skirt, bow, panties and collar. I also put together a little Gothic Lolita inspired sailor dress. Yes, it's lavender! Includes: top, collar, sleeves, panties, bow and skirt.