Thursday, January 21, 2010

At long Last... Victorian Cottages

The Victorian cottage update is done! The Victorian Cottage was the first build I deemed good enough to sell. *chuckles* After 2 years officially being open as Wretched Dollies, I felt it was time to update as my skills sure have grown since then! Most of the changes are in size and prim amounts used. There is a slight difference in appearance. I went back to the original floorplan of the 1880's cottage I used as a reference and made the build more true. So, in place of the half hex on the second floor, you see that it has a square upper floorplan that overlaps, which is not there in the original build. The front porch also looks much better. I made my own sculpties to cut back on several of the prims needed for the stairs. The stairs are modeled after the stairs in my RL home built in the early 1900's.

 This is the cottage then!

This is the cottage now. Unfortunately due to size differences, I was not able to add the small windows closer to the porch area.

As a bonus, because many people asked, I did another version of the cottage which has a darker, spookier feel to it. All of the textures, minus the rock walls, were done by me in photoshop using various resources. These textures are for sale as well.

You will find both cottages set at Wretched Hollow. There is a demo area set up in the sky. Just look for the teleport when you port into the sim and it will take you straight to it. The textures are set up there as well.


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