Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sundolela Dresses and Hair!

Hey, Babies!

I felt like doing something different... something with a big flouncy skirt... something fantasy like... and I came up with the Sundolela Dresses and Hair. I started with the Petite size in the peachy coloring, and then the gothy half of me took over and insisted that I make a black one as well. Then I HAD to have some whimsical fantasy hair to go with it, don't you know?!

So here you have it... The Sundolela outfits!

For the Petite outfit you will need the Petite Mesh Avatar found at Petite Kingdom.

The hair is sold in groups for 4 colors! 

And here are some random pics I took wearing the hair and dresses. These were taken in front of the Home for Wayward Youth located in Wretched Hollow.  The sim is still slowly coming along. Keep coming by and checking it out! I need the encouragement!

Click on the pics for larger sizes. :)

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